Which Bushdoof Party Lights are right for you?

Which Bushdoof Party Lights are right for you? - Bushdoof Lighting

Bushdoof Strobing Party Lights

Our Strobing Party Lights are now up to generation four. They have 18 strobing modes, highly recommended if you love to have a bit of a party with your mates while out camping! I’ve personally always run the party lights on my car, but it all depends what you suits your needs. Take a look at this example of our Strobing Party Lights.


Bushdoof Non-Strobing Work Lights 

Our new Non-Strobing Work Lights sport the same high quality design, but with a simpler wiring harness. Via the RGB Colour Chasing Halo Light, you can still enjoy 100’s of RGB modes or even customise the colour & sync them together with our whip, rock-lights, strip lights & selected headlight variants. The main difference is the spot light function, which you can control via the wired switch or remote control. The only settings are On or Off which the Non-strobing variant. The biggest difference between the two is the kits is the pricing. The Strobing Party Lights come in a 4-pack only, with a RRP of $479.99. The Non-Strobing RGB Work Lights come in both a 2-pack valued at $299.99 & a 4-pack at $379.99. 

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