Which Rock Lights will suit my 4x4?

Which Rock Lights will suit my 4x4? - Bushdoof Lighting

Choosing Your RGB LED Rock Light kit.

Vehicle Size or Type

The size of your vehicle will impact whether you should select a 4, 6 or 8 pack. If you have a larger 4x4 such as a Nissan Patrol LWB or Toyota Landcruiser, especially 78 or 79 series, the wheel base is quite long. This means you may struggle to install a 4 pack kit, primarily due to wire length. Although extensions are available, if you want to optimise your underbody lighting a 6 pack kit is strongly recommended. Instead of opting for extra wiring, at a very similar cost you can upgrade to the 6 or 8 pack kit. 

The More the Merrier 

The 8 pack RGB LED Rock Light is available for those who really want to stand out while camping or off-roading. The extra lights work great in the grille section of the car, creating an aggressive appearance from the front. Alternatively, you can add the 7th and 8th Rock Lights on the front centre and rear centre of your car, to have light output all around the car evenly spread. 

Understanding Differences Between RGB & Chasing RGB Rock Lights

If you enjoy static colours or a basic fading colour change effects, then you will be satisfied with the RGB Rock Lights. Alternatively, you may opt for the RGB Colour Chasing Rock Lights, which have the ability to flow colours from one end of your car to the other. This creates a mesmerising effect when colour seamlessly streams from the front of your car to the rear. 

Selecting Your Kit

Hopefully this has grown your understanding of our Rock Light kits & has helped you select the package that will best suit your needs! To view our Rock Light options Click Here


The video below will demonstrate the effect of the extra light between the front and rear wheels that you can achieve with a 6 or 8 pack kit. You will also learn about the importance of Chasing Rock Light orientation. 

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