congratulations on purchasing your new 7" Custom headlights!


Please read ALL Instructions prior to Installation.

7" 'Turbine' LED Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting

Step 1

Ensure you have:
1x Demon Eye Controller, 1x RGB Shroud Controller, 2x H4 Adapters, 2x Outer Ring adapter (depending on model you have purchased)
Test ALL inputs prior to installation.

Bi-LED 'Angry Eye' Retrofit Headlight Kit - Bushdoof Lighting

Step 2

Remove existing Headlights & locate vehicle side H4 plug (and indicator/park light (+) if required).

Step 3

Ensure there is sufficient room behind the Headlight prior to installation & test fit.

You may be required to bend open the headlight brackets slightly for fitment (depending on vehicle). Otherwise, the diameter of the hole of your existing brackets may be too small.

Step 4

Attach H4 Headlight Adapter between vehicle H4 feed & Headlight.
This plug can be flipped to suit negative/positively switched vehicles.

Step 5

This step cannot be missed.

Once the headlights are on the car with the H4 plug connected, remove the top 2 breather tabs (pictured) & power headlights for 10 - 20 minutes.
Moisture may build up in storage/transit. Powering up the headlights will create heat & help
dissipate any moisture that may have built up in your headlights. Reinstall the tabs after the 20 minute period.

Step 6

Install RGB Controllers to a 12v source.

The Controllers require power for Indicator & Park functions, so this can be wired in directly to the battery via a switch or to the ignition circuit.

Step 7

Connecting Park & Indicator inputs.

Test to ensure all controllers & indicator/park inputs are functioning correctly when installed on the car. Once you are confident that you have spliced into the correct wiring & everything is operating as it should, solder the wires together & cover with heat shrink.

7" 'Angry Eye' LED Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting
7" Custom LED Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting

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