IMPORTANT: Please read all Instructions prior to installation.

Fitment Time: 1 - 3 Hours

step 1:

  • Test RGB Controller & Fog Light prior to installation
  • Ensure mounting brackets are fastened to the Fog Light firmly
4" LED Colour Chasing Fog Lights - Bushdoof Lighting

step 2: RGB Controller

  • Fit RGB Control Box in a suitable location
  • Extend Red/Black wiring if required
  • Splice indicators into the according side indicators if required.
  • Connect to a 12v Source via a switch or directly to a battery (must be fused)
  • 5Ah fuse recommended

  • Red = Positive
  • Black = Negative
  • Yellow = Indicator
  • Green = Indicator

step 3: Installation

  • Place the fog light in existing location & fasten using the 4 screws provided with a philips head screw driver.
  • Ensure wiring passes clearly behind the light, without obstructing & sharp edges.
  • Plug the Fog Lights into existing plugs.

If you are retrofitting the lights, fit the light in your desired location & wire via a suitable fused 12V Source

  • Red = Positive
  • Black = Negative

Plug in the RGB controller to the Fog Light.

Colour Chasing 'Halo' Headlight & Fog Light Bundle - Bushdoof Lighting
4" LED Colour Chasing Fog Lights - Bushdoof Lighting

test & enjoy

  • Ensure everything is functioning as it should.
  • Open the Bluetooth App (BLEDIM2) & select the RGB Controller.
  • Re-name the Controller to make it easy to distinguish & create a group with other products to Sync them together!

Don't forget to show us your setup!