Party Lights Instructions

IMPORTANT: Read all Instructions before proceeding with Installation

The Bushdoof Party Light package is complete in the box & includes the following parts. If you are uncomfortable with any of the following, contact an auto electrician to install the system.  
Link to gen 1 instructions:


Gen II Instructions below;

Parts Supplied:

  • 1x Complete 3 piece wiring harness with fuse
  • 1x SP105E Magic Controller
  • 1x Inner Strobe Light Controller
  • 1x On/Off Switch
  • 1x Wireless Remote
  • 4x Light Bracket Kits
  • 4x 40w Party Lights


Step One: Install the mounting brackets onto the lights using the nuts and bolts provided with the slim spanner. Do not tighten the bolts fully until after installing on your vehicle.

Step Two: Install the lights onto your vehicle using the nut and bolt kit provided for each light. Tighten fully, then tighten the side bolts once you have adjusted where your lights point. Depending on what you are installing the lights on, you may need large washers (not included). If you are installing on a net style roof rack, you will need to use a washer.

Step Three: Install the light controllers in a safe location ensuring they are secured firmly. Ensure no wires are pinched or rubbing on any sharp part of the vehicle body. The Gen II harnesses are now 3 piece, making is easy to run wires throughout your car and plug them up on the other side of a tray for example!


Step Four: Connect the 2 wires from the controllers (Positive/red & Negative/black) to a 12v Supply. We recommend connecting directly to your battery if possible. If wiring needs to be extended this should be performed by a trained professional, using the correct gauge wire.


Step Five: Connect your RGB and strobe plugs from your wiring harness to your lights and let the party begin! 


How To Use the Party Lights:

Power Switch:

This is the main power switch for the entire system (SP105E halo light controller and the inner light strobe controller). Its best to isolate the lights using this switch when they are not in use. 


The Wireless Remote:

The On/Off, the lights will turn back on to the mode that was last selected.

The Reverse or camp light is a constant shining mode.

The mode button on the remote offers 15 different options, plus the option to auto cycle through modes. The modes will cycle through by themselves when you land on this mode. 

The strobe button is set to the maximum strobe the lights can do, your go to button for when the beat drops!

Chasing Halo Lights:

Scan the QR code included inside the box or search ‘BLEDIM2’ on your smartphone app store. Connect through the app via Bluetooth to flick through hundreds of modes, speed & brightness settings. You can even make custom modes!