Upgrade your Candles: Bushdoof's Guide to LED or Xenon Projector Retrofit Kits

Upgrade your Candles: Bushdoof's Guide to LED or Xenon Projector Retrofit Kits - Bushdoof Lighting

What is a Projector Retrofit Kit 

Illuminate your off-road adventures with a vibrant touch! Bushdoof's RGB projector retrofit kits are the perfect DIY upgrade for auto enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle's lighting with colour, clarity, and style. Whether you're driving a rugged Toyota Landcruiser, a sturdy Nissan Patrol, or a reliable Hilux, our guide dives into how you can elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and functionality.

The Magic of RGB and Projector Technology

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting is the heart of colour customisation in automotive lighting, allowing for a spectrum of hues to suit your style. When combined with advanced projector technology, which directs light with precision, the result is a blend of performance and flair.

Why Upgrade to LED or Xenon?

LED and Xenon bulbs are the champions of modern automotive lighting. LEDs are known for their long life and energy efficiency. Xenon bulbs, often found in high-end vehicles, provide intense white light. Unlike the LED projectors, Xenon Projectors are a serviceable item. In the event of a failure, you can replace the bulb or ballast quite easily. The LED projectors do not have this luxury, but for that reason their life span is a huge 50,000+ hours. Upgrading to these lighting options means brighter roads, longer-lasting bulbs, and reduced energy consumption.

DIY Installation: Empower Your Inner Mechanic

Installing a projector retrofit kit is a rewarding project for any DIY enthusiast. Follow these steps for a successful upgrade:


Tailoring to Your Vehicle: Toyota, Nissan, and More

Bushdoof's kits are designed for a variety of models, including the robust Toyota Landcruiser, versatile Nissan Patrol, and the ever-reliable Hilux. Each kit is tailored for specific vehicle models, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal performance.


With Bushdoof's RGB projector Retrofit Kits, the upgrade is not just about the enhanced visibility; it’s about personalising your ride to reflect your unique style. Dive into the world of colourful, efficient, and custom lighting and let your vehicle shine on and off the road.

Explore our range of projector retrofit kits today and take the first step in transforming your ride!

Customer Transformations

Witness the transformation brought by our retrofit kits in vehicles just like yours.

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