IMPORTANT: Please read all Instructions prior to installation.

Installation of the kit: 2 - 6 hours

Installing in vehicle: 2 - 4 hours

headlight preparation

  • Preheat oven 100 - 120C (non-fan forced).
  • Place Headlight in oven for 5 - 7 Minutes (until glue is soft).
  • Remove all screws & unclip all clips.
  • Work your way around, slowly splitting the headlight apart
  • Remove any chrome pieces if you would like to paint them.
  • Prepare, prime & paint parts (if required).
  • Re-assemble any pieces that have been removed once painted.

retrofit installation

  • Test all equipment to ensure everything is working
  • Remove factory globe & globe holder
  • Slide rubber shock absorber over the Projector
  • Install Projector into the headlight, ensuring wiring exits in the rear (drill holes if required)
  • Slide the H4 Locking Washer over the back of the projector (use tab-less lock ring to allow for projector rotation).
  • Projector must be aligned with the divot facing perpendicular to the ground.
  • Install the locking nut & tighten
  • Level the headlights & ensure Projector is tight.
  • Take your time with this, fitment may be required.
  • Install moisture pack & breather (if required).

re-sealing headlights

  • Install globe holder on the rear of Projector.
  • Ensure there is no dust, fingerprints or marks inside the headlight.
  • Install face of the headlight to the rear housing.
  • Preheat oven 100 - 120C (non-fan forced).
  • Place Headlight in oven for 5 - 7 Minutes (until glue is soft).
  • Install all screws & clips, working your way around to ensure headlight is fully sealed.
  • Once sealed install globe & factory headlight dust cover.
  • Ensure wiring is accessible, use silicone to waterproof (if required).

Wiring Installation

  • Diagrams are below to assist with making sense of powering your headlights and also the RGB Controllers.
  • Controllers are best to be spliced together and run directly to the battery via a fuse or:
  • Can be run via a park light input.
  • Recommended fuse size is 5Ah
3.0 Angry Eye Bluetooth Controller - Bushdoof Lighting
Bi-LED 'Angry Eye' Retrofit Headlight Kit - Bushdoof Lighting
  • Download the App(s) below to take control of your Headlights. Ensure Location Services & Bluetooth Connections are allowed.
  • For the Magic LED App, Select the SP105E Controller in the App to connect.
  • For the LED Lamp App, It should automatically connect in the App after selecting the 'Search' function.

  • You may notice moisture in your Headlights after completing them, this is normal however action must be taken to prevent damage.
  • It is recommended to drive with your Low/High beams on to dissipate moisture out of your Headlights.
  • If moisture is not dissipating fast enough you can remove your Park Globe or Breather to allow the Headlight to vent properly.

Demon eye bluetooth app

angry/turbine bluetooth app

Diagrams & video instructions