IMPORTANT: Please read all Instructions prior to installation.

Fitment Time: 3 - 6 Hours depending on Vehicle

Toyota 70 Series Bi-LED Projector Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting

step 1: headlight removal

  • Ensure Headlights are not damaged from transit & there is nothing missing in your order.
  • You should have: Demon Eye Controller, RGBW Controller (for Angry Eyes & Turbine Variants), 2x Ballasts, 2x 1N1 H4 Adapters & Bulbs are pre-installed
  • Remove Grille, Bullbar and anything needed to remove your existing Headlights.
  • Locate and remove bolts from existing Headlights.
  • Remove Headlights, isolating indicators & park lights if needed

step 2: Wiring

  • We recommend mounting controllers in the centre, behind the grille, under the radiator support
  • For Angry Eye Headlights you will need to use Indicator (+) and Park Light (+) from the factory wiring loom
  • Refer to the wiring information below for Wiring Diagram
  • Ensure all connections are fused, a 7.5Ah fuse is recommended.
  • Mount Ballast(s) in a secure, well ventilated area.
  • Plug 1N1 Adapter from factory H4 Plug to Ballast
  • There are two ways to plug in the 1N1 Adapter to the Ballast. Ensure the correct orientation
  • Plug Ballast into Globe
3.0 Angry Eye Bluetooth Controller - Bushdoof Lighting
Toyota 70 Series Bi-LED Projector Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting

step 3: headlight installation

  • Ensure all wiring works as intended
  • Now it is time to level your new Headlights
  • Mount Headlights with 1 or 2 bolts to replicate final position. Take not of Low Beam angle & height.
  • Make adjustments to both rotation & height from the guide below.
  • Once you are happy with the outcome reinstall Headlight & put everything back together.


  • It can be normal to see moisture in your Headlights initially.
  • It is recommended to drive with your Low/High beams on to dissipate moisture out of your Headlights.
  • If moisture has not dissipated from the Headlights after 10 days of use, please contact us.
  • Download the App(s) below to take control of your Headlights. Ensure Location Services & Bluetooth Connections are allowed.
  • For the Magic LED App, Select the SP105E Controller in the App to connect.
  • For the LED Lamp App, It should automatically connect in the App after selecting the 'Search' function.
Toyota 70 Series Custom Headlights - Bushdoof Lighting
RGB 'Turbine' Headlight Kit - Bushdoof Lighting

bluetooth app downloads

Demon eye bluetooth app

angry/turbine bluetooth app

Angry Eye Headlights

Chasing Angry EYE Headlights